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Design Process by Copac

Study of the customer’s statement of needs

Determining your needs in agreement with your technical teams.
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Onsite delivery and support

Our teams deliver and provide onsite support.
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Conception and cost evaluation

Our design office is committed to find solutions which perfectly suit your needs.
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Product compliance and quality monitoring

Quality and product compliance monitoring guaranteed at the end of production.
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Plan approval and prototyping

Plan approval before manufacturing, Specification approval, calculation notes and prototyping.
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Start of manufacturing process within one of our industrial sites.
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COPAC Groupe presents its industrial process in 6 steps

#1 Study of the customer’s statement of needs

After considering your specifications or studying your plans, we advise you on the technical feasibility of your project as well as on how to optimize the manufacturing process.

#2 Engineering, conception and cost evaluation

Our design office is managing the realization of 3D functional plans, and the product costing. We then provide you with a 3D view of the product including all useful dimensions. We focus on optimizing the manufacturing time at each step of your project.

#3 Acceptance of technical plans and prototyping

With your approval, we launch the testing process before manufacturing:

  • Finalization of the plans along with your technical management team.
  • Producing calculation notes.
  • Prototyping if needed.

#4 Manufacturing

We focus on optimizing the manufacturing process according to the specificities of our industrial sites. In this respect, we suggest implementing a manufacturing follow-up throughout the process, from supplier quality control to prototype testing. 

#5 Product compliance and quality monitoring

We provide you with a rigorous quality monitoring process : 

  • Qualification of our welders according to ISO 9606-1 
  • Material traceability – Certificate available upon request 
  • Galvanization according to ISO 1461 2009 – certificate available upon request 
  • Quality and product conformity control at the end of production 
  • Creating a product technical data sheet 
  • Creating a user manual – upon request 

#6 On-site delivery and support

Our service proposal also includes an optimized process in terms of project coordination and logistics : 

  • Digitization of all delivery documents (loading pictures, delivery note) 
  • Provision of the Operating Procedure (for the installation of the product on site) 
  • Support for product installation 
  • Customer relationship follow-up