COPAC presents its combined offer on the site of the Olympic Village, Paris 2024

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Our site managers @Christophe PIERSON and @Alexandrino MONTEIRO came to support @NGE Civil Engineering in the construction of the Olympic village which will welcome the athletes of the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

We were called upon as part of our combined offer to produce the formwork for a geothermal power plant, molded with our ready-to-use Hussor H12+ form panels. These forms guarantee the performance and quality of the sites, while favoring the safety of the workers thanks to our Pull-Poussant props and our stabilizers

COPAC is a supplier of safety equipment for high-rise construction and formwork projects.

Our work coordinator : @Benjamin Signoret

We also thank @Josselin Bayot from HUSSOR

COPAC partner in the construction of the Athletes’ Olympic Village for the 2024 Olympic Games!

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