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Logo JORYFMr. Laurent TOUBOULIC – Methods Manager of the JORYF GROUP (ITB77 / COMET IDF / E.G.C.O.), gives us his testimony on the use of our COPASS 200.
On 03/07/2019 – in Brétigny-sur-Orge

C (copac): Are you satisfied with the quality of our COPASS200 ?

LT (Laurent Touboulic – JORYF) : The Methods Department that I manage is intended to prepare the sites for their implementation. From my point of view, the COPASS200 is an innovative product that somewhat breaks the codes of current gateways. We have observed a research and development effort on this ETP which deserves to be commended. The COPASS200 still needs a few fine-tunings but overall, ahead of the build, we are really satisfied with it.
Regarding the construction part, all the feedback I have had to date is rather favorable. Overall, our sites enjoy working with the COPASS200. You will ask our Site Manager for advice !

C: There are other models similar to our COPASS200. Why ours and not that of our competitors ?

LT: To give you a little history, a few years ago we already worked with the PTE175 range from COPAC. At the time, this gateway unfortunately did not give us complete satisfaction, compared to other PTEs on the market.
But since then water has flowed under the bridges! We were actively looking for new bridges, and by invitation, we met all the staff of COPAC in June 2017. On this occasion, COPAC presented to us, in their ENNERY depot, the prototype of the COPASS200. We were immediately seduced by the general appearance of this new gangway but also by its apparent ergonomics.
It was the sales people themselves who showed us how to unfold and fold the gangway as well as all the integrated safety devices such as the awnings and railings. It was done in your park in less than 5 minutes. This demonstration gave us the click to test this PTE on our sites. We therefore immediately launched a test site in ORMESSON SUR MARNE in partnership with COPAC.
For COPAC and for ITB 77, this was the first site equipped exclusively with COPASS200. It was a big challenge because the COPASS200 was still under development. A real exchange then took place, we reported all the information on the malfunctions or problems that we could encounter on the site. COPAC immediately worked on rectifications and improvements to the gangway.
We wanted to take up the challenge to support COPAC in the development of its COPASS200, because in our opinion this gateway is a step ahead of other products on the market. The ultimate goal is to provide our worksites with the best safety, quality and monitoring conditions.
We trusted COPAC, COPAC trusted us ! In hindsight, this test was a success.

C: Are you satisfied with the quality and responsiveness of our Design Office ?

LT: We find at COPAC interlocutors available and force of proposals, as well on the level of the commercial part as on the engineering part.
Your BET manager works closely with my colleagues and our site managers to find solutions adapted to the typology of our sites. Communication is clear and quick.
The quality of the plans is also there, this allows us to facilitate the preparatory work as well as the regulatory checks during construction.

C : What can you tell us about our site monitoring ?

LT : The beginnings were a little complicated but that’s normal, it was the first project. There were novelties, modules and accessories that did not yet exist. We worked with COPAC to provide them with the information.
The COPAC sales representative in charge of our account is working hard with the aim of always satisfying us. The management of delivery schedules is rigorous, points are regularly made with our site managers. More than a salesperson, we have a technician who travels frequently to our operations to ensure the best after-sales service possible.
We are on our 6th site equipped with the COPASS200 and we are delighted.

C: Do you have an area for improvement on the COPASS200 ?

LT : The product is probably still in development, it will never be perfect. We all strive for excellence !
In our observation, for construction sites with large linear facades, the COPASS200 is perfectly suited. There are relatively flexible long length modules. In my opinion, there is currently a lack of more compact modules and specific accessories that would allow COPAC to respond to all operations with this range of PTEs. Indeed, when the architecture of the buildings we build is more complex, the COPASS200 quickly shows its limits. We regularly discuss with COPAC on this subject and we know that their Service Innovation works hard so that this gateway has an increased modularity.
The COPASS200 has everything to become an excellent gateway.

C: What do you think of the safety prevention point ?

LT : This area of prevention is essential. We ask all of our suppliers to have increased support for the operations we carry out, in particular by setting up a prevention point at each new site start-up. The COPASS200 being a new PTE on the market, this training is all the more necessary. COPAC’s Sales Department strives to find all the solutions for effective risk prevention.
We know that COPAC is also working on improving the layout plans of the COPASS200, increasingly clear plans of the nomenclatures which will allow better compliance checks.
More than a work tool, PTEs are site safety devices, which deserve drastic management. GROUPE JORYF and COPAC are working very seriously on this point.

Small Interview with Pierre – Site Manager ITB 77 (LINAS Site).Logo ITB77
This interview was made in the form of important points seen with the site manager.

# Conditioning :

The gangways are easy to unload when the truck arrives at the site. The gangway packaging allows easy and quick unloading.
We also appreciate the fact that we receive clean gangways and shoes on pallets. This allows you to have hooves in good condition and to be able to store everything in one place.

# Use :

The gateway is easy to use and run

# Security :

The COPASS200 is a very good gateway, in addition to the fact that it is easy to use, it is perfectly secure so that no accident happens. The security bar is very reassuring, it lets you know when the gangway is 100% safe. If the safety bar is not fitted correctly we know there is a problem.
We have never had a problem with this COPASS200, the materials are of high quality and therefore reliable.

# COPAC and others:

COPAC has a real customer and logistics service that struggles to find solutions to the problems encountered. We are really delighted to be able to work on quality and legible plans thanks to the COPAC design office.

# Area for improvement :

We have nothing to add, except to indicate the weight of each gateway on the plans to be able to unload them.

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