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As a manufacturer with over 30 years of experience, Copac has launched a process of reindustrialization through its three sites located on the French territory

locaux Copac Groupe
COPAC IDF [Ile de France] headquarters

265 Ter Chaussée Jules César
Beauchamp 95250

Tel. +33(0)

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copac nord-est
COPAC North-East

2 Av. des Chenevières
St-Brice-Courcelle 51370

Tel. +33(0)3 26 87 21 42

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copac sud-est


ECMAT-COPAC provides a comprehensive range of construction equipment.
Protection, safety and tailor-made, ECMAT-COPAC manufactures façade, windowsill and formwork equipment for all types of worksites.
ECMAT-COPAC designs and manufactures custom-built equipment to suit all your worksite specific requirements. 

Tel. +33(0)4 78 21 39 39

Adresse : 22 Rue d’Espagne – 69780 Mions

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  • COPAC production
  • COPAC IDF [Ile de France] headquarters
  • COPAC North-East

#1 – Copac Ile de France – Beauchamp Site

Échelle Copac

Opening date in Ennery : 1990
Opening date in Beauchamp : 2019
Employees : 42
Surface area : 40 000 m²

Management team : Denis GUINARD, Eric FERRAND, Alexandre KAR et Jean-Manuel AGUIAR

Le siège social de COPAC Groupe est à Beauchamp depuis Juin 2019

#2 – COPAC North-Eastern Site

Opening date : 2014
Employees : 24
Surface area : 18 100m²

Branch manager : Isabelle Barrois

#3 – ECMAT COPAC Site – Mions/Lyon

ECMAT-COPAC est le spécialiste Rhône-Alpes du coffrage depuis 1998.

Opening date : Ecmat-Loc a rejoint le groupe COPAC en décembre 2019 pour devenir ECMAT-COPAC.
Employees : 35
Surface area : 1,5 ha

Director : Luc Scheidecker

COPAC worldwide

Copac China

Our partner site located in China, certified ISO 9001 and EN 3834 for welding, designs and manufactures safety equipment and solutions for the construction industry in tight cooperation with Groupe Copac. Based on a joint history of about 10 years, we have reached the milestone of producing more than one million props, mainly by using a semi-automated production line which complies with the technical and quality guidelines of Euro standards.