Implementation of our Business Continuity Plan

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Information Coronavirus

The health crisis linked to the spread of the Covid-19 virus has profoundly disrupted the activity of the Copac Group in recent weeks. In this context, the Group has made a priority of ensuring the health security of its employees by closing its 6 sites as of March 18.

At the same time, we have seen the gradual shutdown of almost all of our customers’ sites. To best respond to this reality, we have organized ourselves within the framework of a business continuity plan. Teams can be contacted to carry out essential tasks and inform you about your specific requests. This continuity plan is in line with the logic of the group’s QHSE policy and is based on the recommendations issued by the OPPBTP and the competent authorities.

For the next few weeks, we are part of the operational continuity of essential activities. We owe our teams, as well as our customers, a work organization that integrates the current health context and therefore reinforces barrier measures. This system is being built day after day, depending on government announcements and the availability of protective equipment.

The recovery will be gradual, difficult and expected to be long-term. In this context, the Copac group will get closer to its partners and customers to assess the financial impact of these difficult times. We all need to have a common sense of responsibility with one priority objective in mind: defeating the virus.

In this hope, the Copac group presents to all its customers, partners and suppliers its best wishes for courage and health to get through this difficult period.

The entire Copac Groupe management team
Denis GUINARD, Eric FERRAND and Alexandre KAR