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Combined offering – Copac Groupe 

With more than 30 years’ experience in the rental and sale of formwork and safety equipment for the Construction Industry, Groupe Copac is proud to introduce its new concept of combined offering.

Much more than a mere product package, it encompasses a set of ranges, services as well as human resources to meet the exact requirements of our customers. 
Copac Groupe can manage a project from its launch to the completion of the structural work by providing appropriate products and services at all stages of your construction project. 

Our combined offer mainly relies on a strong team spirit within the company. 

Thanks to a large stock, a dedicated design office, a sales team and a customer service department, we have established ourselves as a major player in the field of formwork supply in the Greater Paris area. 
Our combined offer is now available countrywide, as we have realized that it is essential to position our comprehensive product range in the horizontal formwork industry. 

Nowadays, we can supply any equipment required for the construction of a horizontal structure, from drawing studies to formwork positioning. 
We are nationally known for being one of the major players in this industry. 

A full range of products

Copac Groupe has also extended its vertical formwork offer with the rental of Hussor H12 formwork shuttering panels, thus enabling a lasting partnership with one of the industry’s leading players. Thanks to our different manufacturing facilities, situated in Saint Brice Courcelle (Reims 51), in Mions (Lyon 69) as well as with our industrial partner based in China, we are constantly looking for new technologies to produce specific equipment that meets the evolving needs of worksites. 
Whether it is the design of a hydraulic beam mould, of formworks for columns, facade access equipment or the creation of platform cells and safety baskets, our design office will find the right equipment for your worksite or project. 
Our Copass 200 range of cantilevered work platforms (CWP) has one of the highest performance levels on the market due to its simplicity and ergonomics. As such, we operate one of the most important rental fleets in France, with almost 20 km of available stock. 
For this equipment, we work in partnership with our customers as well as with prevention and safety organisations to continuously improve our ranges. 

The point here is definitely not to merely innovate, but rather to address a site-specific issue and provide appropriate solutions. 

For shoring, our solutions involve a wide range of shoring towers, props and multi-purpose platforms combined with external assembly services by our partners, thereby enabling us to deal with virtually all conditions, particularly those involving working at height or bearing a high load. 
In addition, thanks to our security equipment and working-at-height range, we are able to optimize safety at all stages of the construction process, whether in the field of earthworks, building infrastructure or superstructure. 

A comprehensive range of services

To fully integrate our clients’ projects, we work upstream with the departments of methods so as to determine the most suited technical response to the worksite with respect to ergonomics, safety and productivity. Therefore, we focus on re-using equipment to improve quality and versatility.

Our design office creates the client’s worksite lay out in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations and in compliance with the various standards and recommendations. Thus, we interact with customers on a regular basis in order to monitor the hazards of the site and respond quickly with an appropriate solution. Our staff also support the customer with on-site implementation and worker training. We provide ¼ day on-site safety training as well as training videos and documents for an easier handling of our equipment.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the delivery schedule, our customer service team will maintain contact throughout the project and take responsibility for the different project steps on the worksite. The field sales team will further provide technical support to the site and anticipate any unforeseen obstacles or delays. 
Lastly, our logistics teams ease the worksite management, both upstream for the equipment delivery and downstream, upon completion of the project, to allow for an easy and optimized dismantling of the client’s equipment. 

Groupe Copac now offers a perfect package of services and equipment to support its partners all over France. 

Copac’s combined offering thus encompasses a full range of products and services combined with dedicated staff to better serve our customers. 

Our teams provide you with an overview of the combined offering