Let’s protect our economy together

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Let’s protect our economy together

Dear Customer,

Since March 18, the Copac group has given priority to the health of its employees in the face of the pandemic.
Considering that the conditions for the continuation of work were not met, we decided to close our sites while maintaining an administrative permanence to ensure the follow-up of our services.

In this complex period, the Copac Group is fully aware that we are all facing serious difficulties. We wish, within the framework of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP), to ensure a serene partnership with our customers and to prepare as well as possible for a recovery that we hope will be close and in a secure sanitary environment.

To do this, any blocking or delay in the payment of overdue invoices not subject to any dispute cannot enter into this logic. Indeed, these late payments would only deteriorate our commercial relations and increase the difficulties in considering an effective restart. It would also endanger our entire professional sector.

In the event of difficulty, we strongly invite you to use the various exceptional financing mechanisms put in place by the public authorities and banking establishments.

Counting on your understanding and your diligence, we ask you to receive, Dear Customer, our best regards.

The entire Copac Groupe management team
Denis GUINARD, Eric FERRAND and Alexandre KAR