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Expert support from our Design Office

Using our “Processes and Materials” scheduling software, our design office draws up a comprehensive layout plan covering all aspects of your project.

For shoring

For CWPs

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Drawing up the layout plan

The Design Office enters all your worksite specifications and requirements into our “Processes and Materials” layout software. We then record each floor, area and significant criteria to be considered. Finally, our software calculates your site’s CWP and/or shoring requirements

List of equipment

All equipment required for building the structure is identified and displayed. Then, the “Processes and Materials” tool calculates and lists the measurements, and the different material references you need to complete your project.

Upon completion of the job, you will receive a 3D plan that includes a comprehensive list of equipment necessary for starting your project.

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Order preparation operations

This stage involves drawing up an inventory of the relevant materials you may already have at your disposal or otherwise. Should you need to purchase some material, we place an order directly with our factory, which starts the manufacturing process

Ultimately, you will receive the full order on schedule. Start working with the supplied material, following the layout plan produced by the “Processes and Materials” software.

See our demonstrations below or on our YouTube channel.

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Worksite « Processes and materials »

Personalized worksite supervision

Groupe Copac is supporting you throughout the entire cycle of your worksite. From the order date until project completion, we provide you with a follow-up throughout all these steps:

  • Order
  • 1/4 hour safety training
  • Installation
  • Delivery
  • Worksite supervision
  • Equipment return
  • Work completion
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On-site safety training

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Copac Groupe is committed to providing on-site safety training and education on how to use the rental and sales equipment. The purpose of the training is to ensure that the trainee has knowledge of the installation and dismantling processes, and the handling and use of our equipment for an optimized use of our products. This training course is part of the group’s QHSE policy. See all the measures adopted on the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment policy dedicated website

Our tutorials are animated videos that explain the proper safety procedures to follow. Each video focuses on a specific type of equipment and provides information on safe working practices.

These training sessions take place prior to each new equipment use. Visit our YouTube channel for all of our videos. Discover some of the training sessions below.

Copass200 assembly tutorial

Copass200 installation tutorial

Copass200 general tutorial

Copass200 test tutorial

Excellence Tower tutorial