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Quality – Hygiene – Security– Environment

Our Quality Management System addresses the needs and the expectations of our customers, the company’s quality policy and the legal requirements for safety equipment on worksites.

COPAC Groupe is committed to ensuring that safety equipment remains in perfect condition on site, both for orders and for rental. To this end, we have implemented an uncompromising safety and quality policy. Indeed, as our industry requires us to maintain a high level of safety.

QHSE Copac : Qualité / Hygiène / securité / environnement


In order to guarantee the safety of our PPE – safety equipment on site, our design offices have implemented innovative solutions allowing you to find your safety equipment easily and quickly on site, no matter where it is.

In order to ensure that our rental equipment stays in perfect condition, we centralize all test reports in our secure database.

We have developed various techniques:

matériel sécurité chantier

QR Code

A QR code, affixed to the equipment, provides access to an online data sheet or instruction manual, which is updated on a regular basis, displaying the unique PPE identification number, along with its safety and assembly guidelines.


Customise your product with a moulding of your logo; upon request.

matériel sécurité chantier
matériel sécurité chantier


Customize your equipment to match your corporate colours. This way you can identify them easily.


Upon request, customize your product with an engraved logo

matériel sécurité chantier


Testing our rental equipment is one of our major concerns. To evaluate the actual condition of our lots, various testing processes have been implemented to guarantee that our rental equipment remains in perfect condition

Random check of safety equipment on worksites

We carry out random checks on the props from the same batch, selecting a couple of props at random, in order to gain a comprehensive picture of the actual condition of the equipment.

verification aleatoire etais

Safety standards and legislation