Beam formwork for factory or on-site precasting

Form concrete beams in a shorter time and in complete safety.
No lifting by crane required.
Our beam moulds are suitable for the safe formwork of up to 16m beams.


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Technical characteristics

Precasting beams on a construction site is a challenging process in
terms of safety, quality and productivity.

Our formwork for prefabricated beams on the construction site or in factory allows to form finished concrete beams in a shorter time and in complete safety.
No need for lifting by crane.

  • Standard formwork length: 8m – other dimensions upon request
  • From 2 to 4 beams
  • Effective formwork height up to 1.20 m
  • Side panels mounted on wheels and easily moved by hand
  • Suitable for use with no crane
  • Designed to provide the highest level of safety and Ergonomics
  • Fully dismantlable and designed for easy maintenance
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