• Hot-dip galvanized coating
  • Reinforced foot
  • Anti-Finger pinch
  • Hand guard
  • Threaded screw to prevent nut unscrewing
  • Nut marking
  • Automatically prevents the bracket from slipping off
  • Self-centering spindle (Ø 14mm)
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Technical characteristics

Nut traceability :

Traçabilité de l’écrou

Fast threading : 

Filetage rapide

Anti-finger pinching :

Anti pince-doigts

Self-centering spindle :

Broche autocentrée


Abaques PRIMO Props

Body : Ø 57 mm, th 1,8 mm
Rail : Ø 48,3 mm, th 1,8 mm
Base plate : 110 mm x 110 mm, th. 5 mm



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