• Hot-dip galvanized coating
  • Fast threading
  • Automatically prevents the bracket from slipping off
  • Stabetai functionality
  • Ø 60mm tube reinforced with a 40mm x 40mm tile
  • Ø Captive spindle (Ø 18mm)
  • Extension tube (Ø 63,5mm)
  • Sleeve (Ø 76mm)
  • Cabinet: Ø 76mm, th. 4,5mm
  • Bracket dimensions: Ø 60,3mm, th. 3,2mm
  • Ø Bracket extension dim.: Ø 63.5mm, thickness 3.6mm
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Technical characteristics

accessoires STABETAI Props

Abaques STABETAI Props

Cabinet : Ø 76mm, th. 4,5mm
Bracket : Ø 60,3mm, th. 3,2mm
Bracket extension : Ø 63,5mm, th. 3,6mm

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