An expandable and ergonomic equipment

An expandable and ergonomic equipment designed for the safe installation of precast slabs of all dimensions.
This equipment fits on each precast slab directly on the truck platform or on the warehouse area, making it easier to install on the construction site.
It is expandable both in length and width and is equipped with 4 slinging points.
Available in 2 lengths. Stacking allows for space-saving storage.
Customizable with your company logo and colours.

REF : GC1508 – GC1509

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Technical characteristics

Precast slab expandable guardrail

  • Quick and safe installation of precast slab
  •  Suitable for all slab sizes with two expandable models:
    • Length 3,50 up to 5,60 meters – Width 2,10 up to 2,90 meters
    • Length 5 up to 8 meters – Width 2,10 up to 2,90 meters
  • You may install with the 4 integrated slinging points on a prefabricated slab straight on to the transport truck.
  • This then makes it easier to position on site.
  • Stackable for an efficient and convenient storage.
  • Customizable with the name and logo of your company


Abaques Pre slab monoblock guardrail


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