The stackable, cranable and customizable Copac baskets are ideal for suiting all your needs of handling and storing construction site equipment.

Convenient, resistant and large-scale, this basket has been designed by Copac to simplify storage of a large variety of construction site materials: guard rails, props, pipes, etc…

At each end, you can remove and store a detachable flap with handles to facilitate and speed up the loading process. Cross-pieces and uprights enable the slings to pass easily by lifting up the items from the underside.

Easily transportable by crane (lifting rings) or by forklift truck. Possibility to stack up to 4 baskets for storage.

Galvanized or painted finish available. Alternatively, you may customize it to your company’s name.

Dimensions : length. 3.5 m x width. 1 m x high. 0,7 m. Weight: 360 kg. Maximum load: 2.5 tons.