Self-clamping access platform with brackets are available in 2 standard models: small (CT15PG) and large (CT18GG). Both models are available in galvanized finish.
Layout is carried out by our design office according to the cavity to be filled in.
Please consider a custom-made platform for selftightening shoring outside of the abacus After conception by its design office, Copac also provides custom access platforms to fit the specific dimensions of the construction site.
Ideally designed for residential building access platforms.


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Technical characteristics

Charts Self-clamping acces platform with bracket

Platform components (standard dimensions): 2 brackets + 4 tubes + plywood decking (for sale) (PLATBOIS) (TU49150G)

Icone Blanc svg norme
Icone blanc svg robuste
Icone Blanc svg maniable
Icone Blanc svg polyvalent
Icone blanc svg adaptable
Icone blanc svg ergonomic