Platform 1m x 3m

Robust and lightweight

  • Aluminium profile structure with a cross-section of 100mm x 50mm, 100mm x 30mm, 50mm x 30mm. Aluminium alloys of the 6000 class: high corrosion resistance
  • Railings and guardrails made of tubes (Ø 40mm) in accordance with EN ISO 14122-3. Removable guardrails thanks to the fixing system in the shoes
  • Grating steps (depth 262mm). Covering of the bearing in grating profile. Grating with strong non-slip properties and high water evacuation
  • 4 swivel wheels (Ø 200mm) controlled by lever. safety gate with return spring
  • Screws with DACROMET coating: high resistance over time

Ref No.: QUAI