Green and efficient cleaning of construction site concrete buckets in a safe and ergonomic way.


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Technical characteristics

  • Optimized installation on the construction site with an upright position.
  • Washing podiums to deploy an ecological strategy and to achieve HQE compliance on construction sites.
  • Designed to fit all types of buckets: straight, flat and round buckets.
  • Compatible with 800 to 2,500 litre buckets with easy adjustment of bucket retention.
  • Dual aluminium ladder with handrails to provide a secure grip for workers when climbingand to minimize the risk of falling.
  • Duckboard floor for easy cleaning and low fall risk.
  • Anti-slip aluminum trap doors and sheets (95x66cm) to improve mobility. Peripheral guardrails for full safety.


Big Bag modélisation 3D
Big Bag pour Tour de lavage