tour d'étaiement aluminiumtour d'étaiement aluminium
tour d'étaiement aluminium
Excellence Tower
cramif-tropheeMDS Aluminum Shoring Tower

Security is our first priority.
NT24 of the Cramif Security Award
Easy to assemble
Optimized ergonomics

  • Height: from 2.50m up to 6m, suitable for underpinning higher heights
  • Load capacity: 3.5T/ft
  • Double rungs to avoid ladders
  • Aluminum uprights Ø 60,3mm
  • Dimensions: 1,60mx1,20m and 1,20mx1,20m
  • Entry frame: height 1.50m width 1.20m width
  • Overlay frame: height 1m width 1.20m
  • 4 and 6 feet or more assembly and multidirectional alternatives


New features such as the automatic connector and fixed-location floor hooks ensure the security and convenience of the MDS Excellence Tower.


Safe Assembly and Disassembly phases include precise steps that need to be followed carefully by your teams. Above all, the guardrail must be installed before moving to the next level, and it is impossible to install the floor anywhere else than at the specified location, which ensures a smooth guardrail height of 1m, even at the top of the tower.


Each level consists of only 4 light-weight components for an improved ergonomics and to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

connecteur tour d'étaiement aluminium excellence copacINNOVATIVE CONNECTOR

For a faster assembly and an enhanced security.


connecteur fermé tour d'étaiement aluminimu MDS Exellence CopacCLOSED CONNECTOR

This connector automatically locks all frames together at the time of assembly.

connecteur ouvert tour d'étaiement MDS aluminium Excellence CopacOPEN CONNECTOR

Open connector in standby position allows easy removal of the top frame at the time of disassembly.

anneau de levage tour d'étaiement aluminium MDS COPAC


Each frame contains two lifting eyes. All tower components are automatically locked, allowing an instant hoisting immediately after assembly.

Plancher sur crochet tour d'étaiement MDS aluminium Excellence CopacHOOKED FLOOR

The floor has to be placed on the hooks of two guardrails simultaneously. This unique position guarantees a guardrail height of 1m on all four edges.

Garde-cops supérieur tour d'étaiement MDS aluminium Excellence Copac UPPER GUARDRAIL

Needs to be positioned from the bottom level. Once installed, it locks the connectors in order to prevent any loosening of the frames.

garde-corps d'entrée tour d'étaiement MDS aluminium Excellence CopacACCESS GUARDRAIL

May be installed in only one single location.