A word from the COPAC Group Technical Manager

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Photo Tom LouarnHello everyone,

To support the evolution of the COPAC group over the last 5 years and to move it from the status of lessor to the status of designer and manufacturer, we have sized our technical department accordingly: going from four to ten technicians in six years.
Our department is divided into three poles : Site studies, Price studies and Innovation.

In terms of site volume, the technical department processes approximately 500 layout files per year. This part is completed with the design of around ten site-specific products per year. In addition, our R&D develops an average of two new innovative products per year.

We have recently moved to a new site located in Beauchamp. The purpose of this change is to continue to develop the power of the technical department for ever greater excellence in the service of our customers. The technical department is involved in the major cross-functional projects of the COPAC Group, through the production of plans for our new offices as well as the study of the logistics flows of our new site.

As part of our interventions, we participate in various structuring projects, either through BIM or in the context of new products:

Our role with Holixa Methods

The COPAC Group is part of the development of a new BIM tool (in the continuity of our layout software) called Holixa Methods. This project is underway with the partnership of several companies such as : ARKANCE SYSTEMS ; SPIE BATIGNOLLES and other equipment manufacturers. The purpose of this tool is to bring together the various materials related to site methods: formwork layout, PTE, floor formwork, shoring, etc.


The COPASS200 is the first product to have integrated our BIM tool. This was developed internally by our Innovation division. We were also advised by our customers who came during the presentations of prototypes during the development phase. Tests were carried out according to the NFP 93-351 standard in the laboratory, with the Building and Public Works Expertise Center (CEBTP).

The PTE has been in the genes of our Group since its creation in 1990. The COPASS200 joined our range two years ago with a production of 1.5 km per year. Parts are checked by our teams and assembly takes place at our manufacturing site in Reims.

Innovation at COPAC

The innovation center was created two years ago with the aim of placing COPAC in an innovative approach to the construction market. This is why our division has several technicians trained to meet market expectations.
This pole is based on 3 axes :
Research & Development : COPAC design and manufacture of new products to meet current market needs.
Podiums : design of structures adapted to the needs of our customers with ever more innovative options (Podiums with integrated material recipe, circular Podiums, adjustable Podiums, etc.).
Tailor-made products : adapt existing products from the range to a specific request.

Recognized today for our ability to meet market needs as well as to innovate in the context of security, our technical team is at your disposal to study your new projects.

technical Manager