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Construction of the Media Library and Municipal Archives of Saint-Ouen

Walkways: 150.00 ml
Specific attachments to avoid breakage of the white concrete facade positioned at an angle in front of the openings.
Facade on the Bd Victor Hugo side made up of a succession of salient angles and re-entrant angles requiring the manufacture of special platforms for the walkways.
Different configuration of walkways at each level requiring adapted layout plans.
Protection of footbridge supports so as not to mark the white concrete.

Common shoring for pre-slab floors and hollow core slabs.
High-rise shoring to take over the cantilever of the upper floor on the ground floor and the Copac walkways used unfolded to provide protection on the street to make the walls of the 1st floor with the constraint of limited space to allow access the site.
Assembly and disassembly service for this phase as well as certain decking supports in the hoppers carried out by a Copac partner.

Collective safety ensured by the supply of smooth guardrails and mesh elevator bay protections.