COPAC Groupe and SPIE Batignolles, the Holixa Methods partnership

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Logo Spie BatignollesMr. Vincent MONNET – Methods Department Manager DR SUD-EST, gives us his testimony on the Holixa Methods partnership.
On 15/10/2019 – at Beauchamp


C (COPAC): How did you decide to join the HOLIXA METHODS partnership?

VM (Vincent Monnet – SPIE) : In 2018, we took stock of the BIM methods market. At that time, there was still no real software suitable for execution methods. We wanted to develop an in-house hardware layout tool, software that could be integrated into REVIT using our existing hardware library. I then approached ARKANCE given their know-how on REVIT. At the presentation of the development project, ARKANCE wished to expand to partners, in order to offer a powerful execution software. 3 know-how are brought together, that of equipment manufacturers, construction companies and finally development and computer programming.
Thus the manufacturers making their BIM equipment available are COPAC, SPIE BATIGNOLLES and other equipment manufacturers who define and frame the needs of users.
This close collaboration between all these site professionals on a single and unique project is promising, HOLIXA METHODS has all the ingredients to be a success and an essential tool for site preparation !

C: How does HOLIXA METHODS fit into your BIM approach ?

VM   : Our methods department has been working since 2015, building BIM skills. During these 4 years, the department has been trained to use new software and that all our method documents can be produced on REVIT. Our digital library has grown little by little. Today, we are at the programming stage to facilitate certain recurring tasks.

C  : What does HOLIXA METHODS  bring you ?

VM  : HOLIXA METHODS will allow us to considerably reduce our tedious tasks in the development of our documents. Indeed, the layout, the generation of the execution book, the material preparation sheets, the nomenclatures and finally the site material layout will be automated, i.e. approximately 70% of our working time. Reflection and verification on specific points will remain within the competence of the engineer or technician and will all bring their added value.
The material department will prepare the material, with nomenclatures and individual preparation sheet.
The software will integrate a practical document update, in order to provide much more responsiveness when the work has started. We will gain in efficiency so that the site can work with up-to-date documents, integrating the new constraints and hazards of the site.
The software will be able to offer calculation notes thus justifying our documents.

C: What is your approach for the future of HOLIXA METHODS ?

VM  : This software will be composed when it is marketed, in April 2020, of several modules: Shoring, Forms, Walkways, Floor. These 4 main themes will make it possible to respond essentially to the preparation of the site.
Regarding future versions, the roadmap is already written. Indeed, new modules will appear, some even innovative !

C  : How would you define your relationship with the COPAC Group  ?

VM  : From my perspective, COPAC has so far been a forerunner in the development and use of 2D or 3D software with the implementation of SIGMA in particular. Their feedback on the subject is a significant time saver for us on development. This is also one of the reasons why SPIE BATIGNOLLES joined the HOLIXA METHODS project.
The various exchanges with COPAC are always of good quality and appreciated for their know-how and responsiveness.

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