PARIS-WEST Construction Paris 13th

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Realization of two slices of housing on behalf of the OPHLM of the city of Paris

Copac gateways

r-imgpo230cSuccessive equipment of 260.00 ml.
Very specific configuration of one of the buildings of the first phase requiring the use of footbridges equipped with very high foot extensions with specific attachments on balcony slabs.
For the second part, layout of the footbridges according to the rod holes laid out by the project architect.
Protection of footbridge supports so as not to mark the white concrete used for the facade sails.
Realization of new plans for each floor different from the previous one.



On the 4th high floor, cantilever to be taken from the lower level and with respect for the size of the crane located very close to the facade.
Realization of assembly plans, supply of equipment and implementation of the latter by a Copac partner.